My name is April Kidwell. I am a wife, mother, and writer. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my incredible husband, two fantastic children, two diametrically and socially backwards dogs, one snuggly cat, and several schools of fish.

During the winter months I am a High School Literature teacher in a Christian School. In the spring, I am a drama director. And all summer, I am an interior designer/house remodeler. I do all these things in my “free time” when my family doesn’t need my attention.

Personally, and just for me: I love great lines, beautifully written passages, and words of all kinds. There is something about a well crafted sentence, whether as dialogue in a movie or entire passages from a book, that thrills me. This love of words, and perfecting words, prompted my love of writing.

My passion for words has led me here: to share words, ideas and epiphanies that may help someone else on their journey. Turn the page, the story begins here.





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