This book surprised me in several ways. Although a Christian romance, fitting all the requirements, it contained so much more depth than your typical story. It was real. The characters were flawed in genuine and realistic ways: making choices that did not always endear them to the reader.

The heroine, Gen, is quirky and filled with life, even as she struggles to let herself reach for her happily ever after. The love interest, Matt, is charming, sweet, and an all around good guy, that sometimes fails to do the right thing. There is a strong storyline of faith, without being preachy or saccharine.

On the other hand, there are sprinklings of real life and real failings, that could make some Christian readers a tad uncomfortable (some of the subordinate characters live normal un-Christ-like lives.) I think the author does a very good job presenting these things in a matter-of-fact way that does not highlight or glorify the wrongs in any way.

I admit I would have liked to have seen more of the romance without a particular obstacle. At times the story was a bit “too real” for me (in some of the heartache and pain), and my interest in their relationship waned a bit as they kept flirting with falling, but “knew” they couldn’t be together.

Ultimately, the journey of two people falling in love was believable, as it came about in a natural and organic way–not forced nor superficial. I felt blessed by the message of choosing to love, instead of the world’s view of it just happening to you.


Review originally posted on Goodreads.


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