First things first.

Can a 1977 Camper turn Glamper?

We evaluated the interior and considered the options. A) We could do a phenomenal cleaning job and leave the camper as is. B) Clean and update the camper. C) Gut the interior and start over.

This is the main bed area. The mattress doesn’t even seem to fit in place. Also, the entire structure is a little precarious. For some reason there were dozens of holes drilled into the mattress support–a little like pegboard, but not. This may not affect structural durability, but it was odd to say the least.

In addition to the obvious damage to the roof/ceiling in the bathroom area that would have to be fixed…

There were these areas of odd discoloration which could be surface, or possibly the sign of something quite ugly underneath?

There were definite signs of water damage in the front right corner and the rear left corner of the camper. There were no “soft” spots in the ceiling save for around the vents.

In addition to the vent repair in the bathroom, a giant toilet took up most of the space. A full-sized, rather large home toilet. Strange.

Good thing the previous owner lived here alone, cause the odds of closing the door and using the facilities at the same time were pretty much zilch, zero, nada.

The cushions and beds were in questionable shape. And really, reusing the bedding? Gross.

In the photo above you could argue the cushions look like a nice high-end felted-faux velvet. But no. Not even close. That is just nasty-nasty on top of gray. There is also a definite “smell” to the camper. A lot of dirt and grime, with a touch of mold. So, the cushions are going to the dump.

The kitchen cabinet door had been removed by the previous owner because he often left it open and would run into it. Therefore he concluded it was expendable, although it did come with the camper.

Everything exuded a 1970s vibe: from the orangey-yellow exterior, to the color of the paneling, and what was left of the upholstery, and this miniscule amount of stained wallpaper/backsplash.

As for the options?

A) We could do a phenomenal cleaning job and leave the camper as is.

Yeah. That ain’t happening.

B) Clean and update the camper.

Again, clean it? Did you see the pictures? Although this is not the filthiest place I’ve ever seen (ask me about my college living arrangements sometime), this was the kind of nasty that nobody wants to clean.

C) Gut the interior and start over.

Considering the amount of visible water damage, this was really the only option. Water is a sneaky substance, and if there is visible damage, who knows how bad it is behind the scenes?

So, this is where it gets brutal.

Next up? Demolition!


What do you think? Would you have cleaned and painted? Gutted and remodeled? Or passed the project on to someone else?











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