There comes a time in every man’s life when he thinks: I can do that!

Is it over confidence? A desire to make his mark on the world? Or perhaps the drive to build something with his own hands?

Maybe a combination of all of the above.

That’s kind of what happened with our “new” camper. The Hubs and I decided we wanted to find an inexpensive camp trailer and do a reno. Top to bottom, side to side, whatever was necessary kind of thing.

I blame Pinterest. I mean you can find almost everything on there–with step by step details on how to do it! Seeing all those finished projects makes the whole process seem completely doable. I imagined something like this:Cute. Retro. Turquoise and white. Nice lines and a completely cool kitschy interior.

We put out feelers…

And waited.

Then this came our way:

So, it’s not got the graceful curves, or the funky little wing. Of course it is not turquoise, but I didn’t really think it would be to start off. And it’s from like 1977 instead of 1950. But that just means it’s had less time to wear out right?It has definite wear. That bit of body damage there by the door, and a splattering of coffee grounds pouring out of the drain pipe.

But it seemed sturdy enough. A little cleaning, a little water damage repair in the bathroom area, maybe a tiny bit of a facelift here and there.

And voilĂ  it will be as good as new.


Better than new!

A perfect little getaway.


What projects have you started or finished recently? Ever turned something old into something new?




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