Some days are harder than others. We get busy and focus on doing life and we don’t think about it. That’s not to say that we don’t think about her everyday. Because we do. Every day we think about our sweet girl. And miss her.DSCN3015


We adopted her seven years ago this week.

We all wanted a dog. But Boy and I were the ones that thought about it all the time. He was about seven and a half when we started planning, and he started working.

He did odd jobs for Grandma and Grandpa, he set aside monies he received for birthdays and Christmas, and now and then he convinced Sister to add hers too.

It was August of 2009, and we were about to move into our very first house. Boy had saved up nearly $160–we put all the money into a “puppy kitty.” We had been watching the list of dogs at Redmond Humane Society (now Brightside Animal Shelter) for more than a year.

A pretty “little” girl named Molly had captured our hearts. She was a great big Catahoula Leopard dog. We’d even donated to her care while we still lived in our rental. But even though she tempted us with her bright eyes, and beautiful coloration, boy still held out hope we would find a husky. His dream dog.

Less common husky colors, but the markings are there.

In the weeks before our move our search intensified, and one day I saw a Craigslist ad for a husky mix with tan, black and cream coloring. She was tempting, but a pet from Craigslist? An outdoor dog? And a husky? Huskies have loads of fluff and fur, are high energy, and need lots of room. Nope. Not risking it.

So, the week before we moved, Hubby and I broke down and visited the Humane Society–to see Molly. During the process we learned she could not have a home with a cat, and poor Fuzzy, although a mostly outdoor cat was part of the family.

We went ahead and viewed a wide range of dogs that day, but one stood out to me more than the others–Deja. We spent a little extra time with her that day.

While out in the play yard, I noticed her markings, the tan, black and cream that distinguished her as part husky! She’d been in the shelter for only about 24 hours; an owner rescue, in which the owner had tried to re-home her in a Craigslist ad, but failed.

How could anyone resist this face?

There was a moment when I kneeled before her, she was so sweet and calm, and she seemed more than a little afraid. But I reached out to her and she put up her paw and bowed her head. I asked if her if she wanted to be our dog?

We are not ones to rush a decision, and the kids had not met her yet. In the end, we went home with no real intention of adopting her.

But I couldn’t sleep that night. I kept seeing her face. Feeling her paw. And those golden eyes looking at me. Would you love me? Never leave me?

I think this was the closest I’ve ever come to love at first sight.DSCN3238

All of us went back the very next day. Despite still living in a rental for another week, we brought her home. She was ours.

And we miss her so very much.



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