Jasper Remington Sherlock the third. (Not because we’ve had two other Jasper’s, but because Gidget was dog 1, Ryder is dog 2, and now the pup.)

Meet Jasper. His name was not a spur of the moment decision. We considered a lot of names first.

With his likely heritage of Red Heeler and the coloring appearing in his coat we liked the idea of a “red” name. After all our big boy, Ryder, has a “red” name too.

Ryder Winchester “lab” testing the pups new chew toy.

But there were other things. We wanted a strong name–something that conveyed that he was a fighter, saved, loved. And Western. Just like Ryder is “western” (if you didn’t catch it before he is a Red Ryder like the BB gun) the new pup should be too. Guess it is a thing for us right now.

There was a long list of possibilities: Ranger, Wrangler, Duke, Sherlock (one of my favorites), Tanner, Hudson, Oliver, Milo, Bolt, John Wayne, Quigley (another good one!), Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, Tex, and quite a few more I just don’t recall. Then there was the task of getting everyone to agree.

Nothing too common. Western. With meaning.

We narrowed it down to Ranger, Wrangler or Duke or something we just hadn’t considered. Then Jasper popped up.

Ranger and Wrangler were not ideal because Ryder would answer to either of these sporadically too. Kind of like Sweetie. Our Gidget girl answered to just about anything. She just liked to be with us. And tummy rubs. She loved her tummy rubs.

Gidget. Sweetie. The best durn dog.

Miss her so much!!!

Focus on the happy.

Jasper. As in Jasper, Wyoming? That’s at least Westernish. Zane Grey named one of his most memorable characters Nevada. It was a thing. It’s a start.

Then we had to consider meaning. For example, Quigley. Chosen because Red Heelers are Australian Cattle dogs it seemed viable. Except when you realize Quigley was an American who went down under. Not Australian. And the name itself means “descendent of Coigleach.” Hmmm.

Then the name Hudson. As in Rock Hudson. See? there’s a Rock in there. But Hudson means son of a hooded man. That’s just weird.

On and on. Names fell flat. For this reason and that.

We came back to Jasper.

Meaning “treasurer” or “bringer of treasure,” we also learned that Jasper is commonly considered the name of one of the Magi. There are several references to Jasper as a precious stone in the Bible.

To top it off, Jasper is a reddish quartz!


Jasper is a red stone. Without calling him Red, we can say he is red! Just like Ryder. It was time for a happy dance.

So, Jasper, our new pup is a bringer of treasure. Name the same as a Western town, that’s very cowboy. Reddish in color with the strength of a precious stone. A perfect pup and Lil’Buddy.

Big Buddy & Lil’Buddy






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